We are a veteran-owned company based in Memphis, Tennessee. We seek to bring top quality photography, videography, and digital advertising within reach of any business no matter how small. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern.

Guiding Philosophy

Aletheia is a Greek word meaning truth and disclosure in philosophy. We've not only adopted this as our companies name, it is also the principle that sets us apart from other production companies and advertising agencies.

In the modern world, people are surrounded by an environment saturated with companies and influencers vying for their attention. Bloated claims and misleading information have put everyone on guard, so Aletheia Productions has stepped in to bring authenticity and a documentary style approach to advertising in the Memphis area. 

We identify the best qualities of your company and the best effects you have on the community. Then we highlight these in a way that gives potential clients an emotional connection to your company, so that when they decide who to do business with, you rise to the top in their mind.